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A data sourcing app for a database used by an Artificial Intelligence product.


TDC is a mass data gathering app that would be used for a database for an AI product. I worked on the UX as well as the UI for this project. The app had to help the user select a car, a variant and a feature and click thousands of photographs of it. The app has been designed using Android material design guidelines keeping in mind the user’s and the client’s requirements. The average user’s digital knowledge had to be considered to keep the app as user friendly as possible.


The app uses illustrations in it’s onboarding screens, login process and the main app to make the usage easy. The app was made for a corporate backend use and hence, it is simple and straightforward in it’s UI approach. More specifically, the colors used are subtle while being pleasing to the eyes. The font weights and sizes have been used to make an organized information architecture. The transition animations used give the users feedback on their actions.


The menu only had two options which is why I decided to make it a bottom overlay menu. The menu slides out from the bottom when the menu icon is tapped. The two options are close to the thumb to be operated easily even with one hand.