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Lighthaus Theme

A focused dark color theme inspired by the striking features of a lighthouse and the calm of the ocean at night time.


The typical users of Lighthaus would be developers and designers. A developer has to write many lines of code to create softwares, apps etc. Colors and other UI elements play a major role in the softwares that developers use to write code in. A color scheme when used effectively can help developers quickly sift through and identify data within the many lines of code. Every color picked in this scheme has been picked for a purpose and has been adapted to various softwares.

Contrast Ratio

Special care has been given to make sure a contrast ratio of 4.5 exists between the background and foreground in accordance with the WCAG2.1 Guidelines. This ensures that people with low vision can also distinguish between the colors with ease.

Color Swatches

Designers have to use color schemes all the time for various applications and this is a perfect blend of colors that can be used in any combination. This UI system aims to make it easier for developers to code and designers to create.

Status Line

Lighthaus was developed to be very easy on the eyes while working long hours. Developers around the world use vim as their primary editor. Lighthaus supports statusline plugins for vim. You can see changes distinctly as and when they occur. With clear and concise colors choosen to give the best visual feedback with minimal intrusion to the developer's work.


Lighthaus has been adapted to various terminals to help ease workflow. All text and visual feedback is well distinguished and visually separated from one another, all the while remaining coherent.
Configuration files can be found on the Github page.